Startup - Fair

Ecell MNNIT is proud to present Start-up fair 2019 with the mission of creating a startup ecosystem and empowering youth generation by providing ample internship opportunities.

Why Intern At Startup?

You will have real Responsibility

At an early-stage startup, time is valuable, and every team member is critical—including interns. This means that you’ll be working on projects that directly impact users, and probably immediately.

to know how a company is made!!

As an intern for a large company, your exposure is often limited to the small portion that you’re working on directly.But in a startup, it’s almost impossible not to. Whether it’s overhearing design debates at the next table or chatting with the head of engineering over lunch, being part of a small team means that you’ll naturally be around every part of the company, and most startups actively ensure that everyone stays in the loop.

Hands On Multiple Experience

Lack of technical skills, besides, is a main barrier for entry to core-sector internships, especially for students in their first year and second year. In such a situation, interning at a startup might serve not only as a learning experience, but also an opportunity to leverage their aptitudes.

What's In For Startups!

Intern Recruitment Opportunities:

The startups would be free to have an internship recruitment process for their firm in the space allocated to them.

Onground Visibility:

Product showcase & feedback from your tar audience comprising of college students, corporate professionals, businessmen, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Investors' Interaction:

Investors from your sector that are present will personally visit your kiosk at different times during the E-Summit to interact with you and know about your firm.

Networking Coliseum:

Connect with various mentors, investors and speakers who are the best in their respective fields.

Offline and Online Publicity:

Presence of your firm in the E-Summit in the form of standees, banners & leaflets in registration kits and presence in the social media posts of E-Summit ‘19.

Stall Provision:

Every startup will be provided a stall in the summit.

Complimentary Passes:

2 complimentary Professional Passes which gives you access to all the events of E-Summit ’19.

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