Panel Discussion

Renaissance-2019 brings you a hands-on experience to see, feel and imbibe entrepreneurship as a way of living life to the fullest! We have veteran speakers lined up to motivate and share their experiences their hurdles, failures and successes ranging from top officials to successful start-up founders, from social entrepreneurs to healthcare experts, and from bureaucrats to other top corporate professionals. Mark your calendars for two evenings full of zeal to perspire... yes, it's time to inspire!

Do you have what it takes to get through hard times? Do you have the hunger to surpass all the challenges? This year Renaissance 2019 brings you the hottest topic buzzing in the nation with the commencement of ‘Startup India Standup India’ Campaign. This panel discussion will aid the audience in knowing the traits that help the entrepreneurial enthusiasts thrive towards success.

Innovation has become a tool for Entrepreneurship. Success in this competitive market has been highly dependent on the process of bringing the best ideas into reality. Without innovation, an enterprise and what it provides quickly becomes obsolete. This panel discussion aims to showcase the role of creating a culture of innovation to uplift the business ideas.

We see that women have made great strides over the last few decades from running countries to chair global companies and make scientific discoveries. However, women are still paid less than the male colleagues and their representation on company boards is abysmal. We invite the entire participants join us to hear a panel of successful women discussing their experiences and sharing advice on how to reach the top in a man’s world.

In this growing era of Internet of things, existence of a successful non-internet based is a true example of how hard work and innovative ideas can excel competing with all the internet based startups. Renaissance brings to you a symposium of successful entrepreneurs running non-internet based enterprises and setting example of sheer excellence and passion to grow in the competitive market.