Frequently Asked Questions

What are the necessary documents that I am supposed to bring?

For students who have not applied for accommodation, college identity card and ticket is sufficient. If applied for accommodation, failing to bring any of the required documents may lead to rejection of your accommodation. The documents are: Gate Pass for the electronic gadgets you are carrying like laptops, camera, etc. Ticket received after paying online. Accommodation Confirmation mail from Team

What is the payment procedure?

The payment can be made online or at the time you come to MNNIT Allahabad, but you will have to pay an extra INR 100/- for on venue registration. Though it is preferred that you pay the registration and accommodation charges online or through campus ambassador as there are limited seats and accommodations.

Is there any charge for the workshops/panel discussions/competitions/speaker sessions etc. at E-Summit?

No, there are no extra charges for those who have registered for E-Summit.All events are included in the registration fee.

What are the different categories for registration?

Individual – If you want to attend Renaissance as an individual and not as a part of college contingent, please register under this category. Fee is INR 500/-.
If you are an MNNIT Allahabad student, you don't have to pay to attend Summit. Please carry your ID card at all the time during the events.

Can one person take part in more than one team?

Not in case of the same event. In case a person is registered in 2 teams for the same event, the team in which the person registers latter will be considered as the team for the participant.

Will the outside participants be given accommodation on campus?

Yes they will be provided accommodation on campus on first come first serve basis.To reserve their seat one has to send their accomodation request to hospitality@ecellmnnit.in

Can any alterations be made in the registered team prior to the event?

Yes, the registered team can upto 2 days before the event.