Renaissance - the annual entrepreneurship summit of Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad brings you a hands-on experience to see, feel and imbibe entrepreneurship as a way of living life. Renaissance brings veteran speakers from top officials to successful start-up founders, from social entrepreneurs to healthcare experts, and from bureaucrats to eminent corporate professionals.

E-Talks at the event provide an opportunity to have had a first-hand experience of excellency clubbed together with the wisdom of experience and struggle. Our speakers motivate the participants by sharing their experiences, failures, and successes. It aims in quenching the thirst of the inquisitive young entrepreneurs to channelize their ideas into action.

We had several spellbounding talks so far in our journey since 2015. To name a few, Mr. Gary Dalal shared his thought with students about starting their own ventures instead of following the customary job fight in the college placements during Renaissance 2017. He also stated that, Entrepreneurship is the pride of serving hundreds of family. He concluded with a note that the young minds should search for out of the box solutions to every problem and execute every single plan that they aspire to do.

Another speaker, Mr.JP Bhatt, during Renaissance 2017, said that, "Technology is the key to fastest results for profit". He also lectured the students about the importance of discipline in life, be a better person first, an engineer second, and an entrepreneur last he quoted. He also encouraged the students to be focused and to continue to strive for the best.

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