Prizes worth 1 lakh and Road to Incubation.

Everyone walks past hundreds of ideas everyday for solving common problems that people face in day-to-day life. What if one such idea of yours actually is the solution to the problem? A solution that no one had ever thought or dared to build upon? E-Plan is the perfect event for such ideas to spread their wings and take their first flight.

“Freedom is not worth having if it does not connote freedom to err”

-Mahatama Gandhi

Worried that your idea may not work? What if you lose money in it? Won’t it be great if you can try your idea without the risk of losing your own money in it? Well, that’s what the incubation center is there for at MNNIT Allahabad. Established under the Startup India program, the incubation center provides opportunity for 10 startups every year to get incubated in it. These 10 startups would get a funding of 2.5 lakh per annum without any liability and working space with proper amenities to build upon their ideas.

Sounds interesting? Come join with us in making your dream a reality.



Ankur Mehta

Sr. Analyst

T-Hub Hyderabad


Ruchi jha




Gaurav Dubey

Serial Entrepreneur

ITH Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Veeresh Singh

Startup Analysis

ITH Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Rajiv Sikka

Startup Mentor

IIT Kanpur


Ishu Tayal

Assosiate Manager


Event Rounds-

1. Abstract Submission (Elimination):

Register on the link below and submit a short explanation of your idea(abstract). The abstract should clearly explain the problem you are solving and how you plan to make money by solving the problem. You could include how big you a company do you plan to build in say, next 5 to 10 years. The submitted ideas will be evaluated according to the evaluation criteria and the best 15-20 ideas will be selected for the next round.

2. Feedback and Refining (Non-Elimiantion):

In this round, feedback will be provided for further refinement of the idea and the points where improvements can be done. Those who do not know how to make a revenue model or a growth projection or market analysis, etc. would be helped in this round to develop the analysis. There would not be any elimination in this round. All the selected teams in the previous round would be forwarded to the next round.

3. Mock Pitching (Non-Elimiantion):

In the Mock Pitching round, the teams would pitch their startup ideas in front of select mentors from E-Cell, MNNIT. In this round, more refinement of ideas would be done, with special focus on the presentation of ideas. The possible avenues of research for the startups would also be discussed. There would be no elimination in this round.

4. 1st round of Pitching and Mentoring (Elimination):

This would be an elimination round, held during the 2 days of the event. The non-judging mentors available during the event would help and guide the startups. The mentors would evaluate the selected ideas and assign their pitch decks a score [on the first day of the event(tentatively)]. The 5 best decks would get a chance to pitch before the investors in the final round.

5. 2nd round of pictching before Investor (Final):

In the final round, 5 startups selected from the previous round would get to pitch their ideas before the investors coming for the event. If the investors are impressed by the ideas, the startups stand a chance of securing their first series of funding. The best 3 decks from this round would be declared the winners of the competition.


1. The detailed abstract should be sent to the mail id with the subject as:”E-Plan abstract - (team name)”

2. The participants are required to attend all the rounds in order for to be eligible for the final round of evaluation.

3. For the mentorship from non-judging guests, the participants should book their slots with the mentors in advance during the free time of the mentors.

4. The participants might be required to stay back extra hours at the venue on the first day, if their evaluation has not been made.

5. The participants should be on time for all the evaluation rounds. If they fail to arrive in time for their allocated slot, the team would automatically disqualified.

6. The decision of the judges are final and binding, and cannot be challenged in any court of law.


Date Timings Remarks
Saturday, March 17
09.00 E-plan: Renaissance 4.0
10.00-10:30 E-plan: Inauguration and Orientation
10.30-12:30 Mentoring Session - I
12.30-13.30 Break
14.00-16.00 Mentoring Session - II
17.00 Detailed Prototype Submission
With Complete Model, Market Research, Competitors Research, Challenges and Product/Service Launch
Sunday, March 18
10.00-10.30 Mentoring Session - III
12.30-13.30 Break
14.00 - 15.30 Final Presentation and Judging
16.00 Prize Distribution